Ebay Is Cute Too! - Super Cute Kawaii!!
Ebay can be very hit or miss when it comes to finding what you want, but here’s a few things that jumped out saying “buy me!”. These post-it notes are so adorable and SO cheap! There’s free shipping on these babies just now and I’m sorely tempted to grab them myself! Available from Janetstore. Even tofu-sans need a bath! How adorable! Available from Agir International who ship worldwide – yay! Pandas more your thing? This new box and purse set is delightful and ideal for Crimble coming up! Available from pinkleberry1. And lastly, this keychain has some really realistic-looking bunny dumplings! I don’t think I could eat them, even if they were real – too cute! Available from 2sweetshop. Stay tuned for more Ebay finds – my watch list is increasing in size at a scary rate!