Lucien Clarke's year in photosPalace, Juergen Teller, free Wimbledon tickets, Blondey in Mount Fuji. This is 12 months in the life of Lucien Clarke.We asked a handful of our favourite photographers to look back at 2018 and remember it through the photographs they took. From i-D contributions to personal pictures of friends, family and strangers on the street, this is Lucien Clarke: My Year in Photos.We first met skateboarder Lucien Clarke for our 35th birthday issue back in 2015. Born in Jamaica, before moving to London via New York aged 11, Lucien has skated professionally for Palace since it began in 2009 and has quickly become a name synonymous with the city's skate scene. Documenting his world of skaters, creators and cool kids on his photography Instagram account @darkclarke87views, Lucien's images are raw and honest.1.Took this photo of Shawn in NYC moments after a play fight gone wrong.2.Have you ever been to a ditch party before? Rory mixing at his old crib in Stockwell. Loved that house.3.This is a never been done situation on god! An actual skate advert of a banging trick from our trip to Tokyo on the underground.4.A very rare photo of a goat looking at a goat. Chewy in Miami at Danny Renaud's farm house.5.Took this photo of Juergen while we were in the middle of the desert shooting one of the Palace lookbooks. What a fucking legend look at him.6.Real Detroit players, Kyle Hall and Jay Daniels in Detroit. This was one of the best nights of my life. The music they played back to back was next level.7.Collaboration of the year, my beautiful girlfriend Tara and an Indian sunset.8.This one was all about time. The camera I took this on was broken so I had to use the 10 second timer to take anything on it. Selfie.9.Love this photo of my mum. Loves tennis she does. We got free tickets to Wimbledon when Palace and Adidas did the kit for the players10.Mike Fox in Hawaii. This was our view every bloody day and night.11.Blondey at Mount Fuji. This was a very moody day in terms of weather, everything looked amazing visually.12. This is Republic. This is when they had very heavy snow fall and the city basically shut down earlier this year.CreditsPhotography Lucien Clarke