DIY Cookie Box - Sukidragon
Recycling is always a good practice. What could you do with left over tubes similar to the potato chip containers? These containers are air tight since they were used for string crisps to keep them fresh once opened. All you need to do is use empty them and shake out any residue flavoring with a gentle tap all round and a quick dusting with a piece of paper towel. you will next need some firm quality paper such as the ones you can get from the kids section at IKEA or even textured paper such as SA paper or recycled paper from a craft store. You will also need some white glue such as Elmer or any other brand, a roll of double sided tape, some designer braids and either pic stickers or any other decorative items such as buttons, plastic or cloth flowers etc and a pair of scissors. Cut the paper to fit one round of the tubing, keeping the edges neat and straight. Test the paper around the tube to make sure it fits before gluing or taping the edges down. Apply a strip of the double sided tape lengthwise to hold the paper firmly to the tube. Make sure the edges are well taped down and the paper does not slide along the tube roll. Pin this little project I will be using pic or vinyl stickers and cloth braiding for the top, bottom and hand holder. Cut a length of braid to use as the hand hold and glue it firmly on opposite ends of the top. Next cut a length of raid for the top and bottom edges. Glue these firmly to the top edge of the tube. It should look like this picture below. Place the plastic cap to the to make sure it fits before going on to the next step. Now glue the fabric braid to the bottom edge as shown. Make sure you do not hold the tube by the handle until the glue has dried and set. Next, select the stickers you would like to use and attach them firmly to the surface of the tube in a decorative manner. You may use other items as you fancy and depending on the thee you would like. The stickers have to be firmly attached so that they will not drop off with use later on. You can use these recycled and decorated tubes to store biscuits, cookies or an assortment of items. They also make cute handmade gifts and the designs are limitless. This is a great way to recycle those crisps tubes into useful items around the home! You can also use them as personalized cookie gift containers. The plastic cap that does with these tubes help to keep the cookies fresh on the inside! These are just some ideas on what you could do with snack tubes and it only takes a quick 15 minutes to complete one.