What's a Sugar Baby? Is It Legal to be a Sugar Baby?
What is a Sugar Baby Relationship? Sugar Baby Relationship is a special format of relationships in which adult wealthy men meet young attractive girls or sometimes even young men. They live at their expense, travel with them around the world, take money to start their own business and other needs. Also, very often sugar daddies pay for their university studies, which is especially important for the USA, given the exorbitant prices for higher education. Roughly speaking, this is the well-known format of the relationship "kept woman" and "papic", which has now become a real movement with its own laws and restrictions. It happens that wealthy women become sugar mamms, but this is much less common. An anonymous article was published in the Vice publication on how it was a month to meet with different sugar mamas. The author did not like it, but the article was interesting. Today, girls in search of a rich sponsor do not need to wear shorter dresses and sit all day inexpensive restaurants,