What is a Sugar Daddy Relationship? Sugar Daddy Define/Meaning
What is a Sugar Daddy Relationship? In general terms, a sugar daddy relationship is one in which there exists an older adult male that lavishes gifts on a younger female or male in the course of a romantic relationship. The gift might be in the form of money, expensive trips shopping sprees and other favors. The sugar baby and sugar daddy, in addition to the offering and receiving of gifts, also expect the mutual love and affection that is typically present in all relationships. Getting In to a Sugar Daddy Relationship The process surrounding getting into a sugar daddy relationship basically involves the advance expression of interest to begin dating under this kind of conditions. It is very important that while approaching someone to expressly make known the kind of relationship you are interested in, and what each party should be expected to bring on the table. With the technological advancement that characterizes this age, getting sugar daddies or sugar babies has never been easier