What Do Sugar Babies/Sugar Daddies Want?
What Do Sugar Babies/Sugar Daddies Really Want? "I want from my sugar daddy or sugar mommy, respect, love, honesty and just to be treated like somebody really. I mean there are other things I need like financial help to ensure that I have all that I need to live comfortably and once their doing their part by providing what's necessary for me to live comfortably, I'm surely gonna do my part to keep my sugar mommy or sugar daddy comfortable also." — Sugar Baby on SugarDaddyMeet "I want love, friendship, good treat, i hope he'll be kind, cute, a good person and he'll be attractive ...i want to spend time with him and play to ps4, because i've always wanted to play to ps4 with someone, i hope being her charmed prince...i want him to make me feel alive...sometimes i forgot how it was to feel alive like a child.someone who makes your desires reality." — Sugar Baby on SeekingArrangement "I'd definitely like someone who is mature, adventures and 100% honest-to me there is nothing sexier than