How to Interface IR Sensor with Arduino - Step by Step GUIDE
In this post, we will learn How to Interface IR Sensor with Arduino. It’s is one of the most commonly used sensor and it is used for multiple purposes such as Line following Robot, Obstacle avoiding Robot, Controlling LEDs with IR Sensor, color detection, fire detection, etc. So Today we are going to cover step by step guide on How to Interface Infrared Sensor with Arduino. Contents1 Interfacing of IR Sensor with Arduino1.0.1 What is IR Sensor?1.0.2 IR Sensor Module:1.0.3 Components required:1.1 Let’s Interface IR Sensor with Arduino:1.1.1 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); 1.1.2 Source code for Interfacing IR Sensor with Arduino1.1.3 Related Interfacing of IR