Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Christmas Special Spoilers | The Strictly Spoiler
Yes here I am again providing a valuable and highly demanded service to tens if not hundreds of thousands of people but that probably wont stop one newspaper labelling me a Grinch out to ruin Christmas for everyone and not just those that seek the information out. And then once one newspaper has run with the story 10 others will follow suit because that's how lazy journalism works these days. And then not one newspaper will print any festive soap spoilers because that would be hypocritical to criticise me for posting one kind of festive spoiler and then post a different kind themselves. And not one journalist will bother to read any of my previous notes to editors explaining what I do and why I do it HERE, HERE or HERE because that's far too much hard work. Right that's the press hopefully dealt with and with any luck writing far more newsworthy articles about Donald Trump or Brexit. On to the goodies! Because I've got your Christmas presents all wrapped up right here but you can't