Cross Stitching Ornaments as Gifts for Family and Friends
If stitching a sampler for a family event is just too much work for you, consider stitching something smaller. Perhaps something ornament-sized. You may not be able to stitch as many details on it, however, they can be just as effective. They also take much less time. Substituting Ornaments for Samplers When you don't feel like making a whole sampler for an upcoming wedding, birth or other event (or you simply don't have the time), an ornament can be just as effective. I have seen many people hang them on the wall year round instead of just having them on the Christmas tree. As space is limited, you may have to plan on using two pieces of stitching fabric (one for front and one for the back) so you can have the design on one side and the details on the other. Not sure what to stitch? Here are some ideas: Weddings/Anniversaries Whitework or hardanger Two people looking romantic (I've seen some with snowmen in love) Hearts Churches Houses Births Rocking horses or other toys