Cute Free Owl Cross Stitch Pattern Whoo-Hoo Me
How cute is this little guy? You know I love finding owl cross stitch patterns around the web, and this one just happens to be a freebie. Whoo-Hoo Me comes from Kincavel Krosses and those big owl eyes are just too adorable. I had to share the cuteness. Of course at this point I have so many owls on my to-stitch list that I'll probably never get them all stitched up, but a girl can dream. BUT - there's actually two versions of Whoo-Hoo Me.... meet Whoo-Hoo Me Too, with pretty eyelashes to bat at you with cuteness in pink and purple! It's a two-for-one kind of deal. While you're visiting Kincavel Krosses make sure to sign up for Kell's email list to get updates so you can enjoy all of her adorable free patterns. Happy Stitching!