Kensington Palace, Naked on stage and 'Up your Ronson'..... - Steve Smith Music
So I write this as, I have played the first three shows as the support for Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze’s UK Tour. My first ever concert, along with my sister was Squeeze at the Woolwich Coronet back in 1987, and now I get to play with the lead singer all these years later. The Tour takes in the length and the breadth of the United Kingdom, so I get to travel around the country that I have so many fond memories of. I moved away from the UK 11 years ago, but way before that I used to drive up and down the motorways playing shows. From around 1993 on wards I would play percussion alongside DJ’s at raves, and then started playing for electronic bands such as Evolution, Shiva and Danny Campbell. In just one night we would play 3 ‘Live PA’ shows at legendary clubs like Renaissance, Cream and Up your Ronson. Now in 2016, its a thrill to visit some of the towns and countryside from all those years ago. I’m taking lots of photo’s that i’ll put into an album and post later. The Shows – It is very exciting and at the same time, quite