In the Summertime! – Horsepower Crew’s Launch into 2017
It was a pleasant change for us to actually attend a meet that wasn’t one of our own – we’re usually running around like headless chooks at our own, so heading down to an event by the recently emerged Horsepower Crew, dubbed ‘In the Summertime’, was a breath of fresh air where we could finally relax and take in the glorious Adelaide car scene. Let’s give you the lowdown on what was a pretty impressive launch into 2017 for our friends at HC! We were at the event early due to the fact that Jack’s Audi TT was requested to appear in one of HC’s numerous displays. The first thing we noticed when rolling in was the sheer organisation of the HC team. Parks cordoned off, and team members instructing us to park upon entry. The TT was parked on some pavement between some roses bushes – talk about a prime spot! We soon grabbed our cameras and observed the Mile End Homemaker Centre fill at a steady and rapid pace with some of Adelaide’s most sought after vehicles. Old, new, classic, exotic… It was all there. The two prominent ‘experiences’ offered by Horsepower Crew are the ‘Pit Lane Experience’ and the ‘Green Zone Experience’. The green zone was adorned in – yep, you guessed it, green cars! Everything from a classic BMW to SA Auto Installs Subaru Forester showcasing the sound system we could only ever dream of in our cars. The green game was strong here, we’ll leave it at that. The Pit Lane experience was anything and everything – R34 GTRs, Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus… Exotics, essentially. Exotics and the JDM elite, which attracted a great deal of attention for attendees. The Westpac Community Barbecue was on-site raising funds for JDRF Type 1 Diabetes, and we immediately picked up on the community-based vibe that we share here at Slow Life. The local Autobarn extended trade for meet attendees, a bouncy castle was available for the younger generations joining in on the atmosphere, and even Iron Man paid a visit to entertain kids young and old. It was certainly an atmosphere to remember! Cars were everywhere from all ends of the spectrum. Muscle, JDM, Euro, Exotic… It was all there for everybody to enjoy, and we took many an opportunity to gaze upon a local rarity! We had seen many of these cars at our own events but had never had the opportunity to get up close and inspect them properly. There really were some beauties down there. The cruise departed for Marion in the early evening, and later to the Sailmaster Tavern in Adelaide’s North-West. IT was a great opportunity for our crew to head out and actually have some fun in-between events, and we’d like to extend our thanks and congratulations to Horsepower Crew for bringing a premier automotive experience to Adelaide! We look forward to working alongside you guys in the future to keep the Adelaide car scene thriving and beautiful. GALLERY