All Euro Day: A Successful First for Adelaide
As one of Slow Life’s resident Euro car owners, I got pretty excited when the first All Euro Day was announced for South Australia. Following the ongoing success of All Japan Day (brought to us by no other than a team led by Kristian Appelt; owner and manager of Iron Chef Imports and Iron Lady Imports), I went into this event with similar expectations of both car quality and turnout – and following a day of in excess of 150 jaw-dropping exotic and European cars of a staggering variety; I was not disappointed in the slightest. For team SL, it kicked off at approximately 8am. I had my MK1 Audi TT Quattro pre-registered for the day – entrant #46, in fact. The car had been kept clean within the confines of the Jubilee Pavilion throughout the Adelaide Auto Expo, so I was relieved that I had no need to do a pre-wash like many other entrants would have been doing at that hour of the morning! I was one of the first to enter Wigley Reserve (the same location used by AJD) and was placed within the inner ring. Alongside me was an already impressive collection of European cars, and within minutes, Glenelg came alive with the sound of a plethora of exhaust notes and the streets were soon bustling with just about every European car imaginable. Kristian and the All Euro Day team anticipated and aimed for a total of 150 entrants for the first event – the same goal set for the very first All Japan Day back in 2008. It was hardly a surprise to see that this goal had been reached without any problems, with many entrants claiming to enter multiple cars in next year’s event. Numbers were undoubtedly affected by the clash with Volksfest – which would have consumed the majority of the Volkswagen enthusiasts. However, Volkswagen was still strongly represented on the day and the VAG (Volkswagen Group) made up for a bulk of the vehicles represented on the day! BMW was also a significant contender at All Euro Day, with numerous eras out on display. Anything from original factory-spec E30s to a (seriously) stanced E46 M3; it was all there. New, old, stock, modified… There were no limits! The classic cars on display were definitely a highlight for the day. It’s not every day that you get to take a peek under the (rather lengthy) hood of an original Jaguar E-Type, or a vintage DKW race car which was built using salvaged parts from numerous remaining examples. Exotic cars were aplenty; with various Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche, Lamborghini and McLaren models on show, some with doors wide open, to give Adelaide a glimpse inside machines worth more than some properties. Highlights were definitely a stunning Ferrari 488, two McLarens, some Audi R8 variants and the bagged Lamborghini Murcielago which we are well acquainted with – BULL. Surprisingly; the majority of entrants had hardly ever heard of the All Japan Day association that All Euro Day draws from, and many entrants not using social media. When comparing the size of the Euro car scene alongside the Japanese car scene; it’s safe to say that the first All Euro Day was a roaring success which will have Euro owners and enthusiasts reeling for a 2017 event. I think that next year’s turnout will be even greater, and that the South Australian Euro scene can finally come to life and showcase the sheer capacity, beauty and unity that the community has to offer. Here’s to another successful event next year! GALLERY Full Gallery on Facebook