Adelaide Auto Expo: Show & Shine Lowdown
In 2016, team SL celebrates its third year in a row hosting the show & shine at the Adelaide Auto Expo. Each and every year, we’ve had an increasingly greater day; jam-packed with automotive bliss, plenty of banter and a solid laugh. It’s one of our favourite events of the year, and we’re excited to be coming back this weekend! For those who don’t know what we’re on about – that’s okay. We’ll run you through it, and then we’ll politely ask you to enter your car, because, well… We need you there, alright? Here’s the lowdown, so listen up! What is the Adelaide Auto Expo? Essentially, the Adelaide Auto Expo looks at the local and national car scene as a whole, and throws the best bits of it into a single show. What do we mean by the best bits? Well you’re going to need some hot rods, some street machines, some JDM, some Euro, a few bikes, a couple of exotics, the latest and greatest builds from around the country, vendor stands promoting the latest parts and accessories, live entertainment, kids activities, a dyno, a classic car cruise, gaming simulators… Oh, and an outdoor show and shine! Basically, it’s huge. It’s going down this weekend. It’s at no other than the Jubilee Pavilion at the Wayville Showgrounds, and you’re going to be there. Good, glad we agree on that one! What’s the go with the Show & Shine? This is where team SL come in! In 2014 and 2015, we had the privilege of being able to bring some of Adelaide’s coolest JDM and Euro rides to the expo. Why JDM and Euro? Well if you looked inside the pavilion and all around, you’ll find hot rods and muscle everywhere. As we’re all about our JDM and Euro rides, we wanted to bring them along and showcase the best of Adelaide’s car scene! Our designated zone is located on the north end of the pavilion – right outside the doors. In our previous years, it’s been lovely, sunny weather, and we’ve had a great day chilling out with our entrants, having some laughs, and checking out all the amazing things within the Auto Expo! Check out the film from last year’s event below: Now that you’ve got a rough idea of what to expect, are you keen to enter? If you are, that’s brilliant! It’s not too late to enter, and we have plenty of spots we’re eager to fill for this year’s event! For the facebook event page, click here. How do I enter my car? The entry process is fairly simple – you don’t do it through us. Here are the steps: Download the Show N Shine Entry Form here. Fill out the Entry Form – When asked if you’re displaying with a club, select ‘YES‘ and Write ‘Slow Life‘! Email the completed form to and CC in the email so we know you’ve entered! Entry payment can be made via credit/debit card over the phone to Geof on 0410 356 356 or via cash upon entry on the day. Once you’ve entered; email and we’ll keep in touch with pre-meet details and we can assist you with your entry! On the form you’ll see that there’s a late entry fee – don’t worry about that. We’ve had that fee waivered for our entrants! If you’re also not that savvy with emailing entry forms back and forth, that’s okay too. Simply message us via facebook or email us at to let us know you’re keen, and head along to our pre meet! At the pre meet, we’ll provide you with a form to fill out, and you can pay your entry fee at the gate of the expo – just ensure you’ve got the cash on you! What about this pre-meet? As cars must be bumped in from 8am on Saturday, we’ll be asking entrants to assemble with us at Big W Cumberland Park (Cnr Cross Rd and Goodwood Rds) at 7:30am SHARP. We’ll be departing for the showgrounds at 8am sharp, and we need to arrive together for ease of parking! It’s very important that you attend the pre-meet, as we’ll be providing entry forms and additional information about the event on the day. Once we’re all in, comfortable and settled, the fun times begin and we can enjoy our day! Vehicles will be locked in until between 4 and 5pm! Please take note of this as the show and shine area will be tightly-packed, and it’s going to be near impossible to have your car moved throughout the day! How much does it cost? Entry to the Adelaide Auto Expo as a show & shine entrant is $40. However, that includes: A goodie bag (with actual goodies, we kid you not) Entry for you and your passenger to the expo for the day (it’s normally $25 per ticket as it is, so this pays for itself really) An optional Adelaide Auto Expo tee-shirt if you wish to purchase one on your entry form! If you’ve read this far, we congratulate you… It’s a massive event, and we would love to see and your ride there. Come join team SL in one of the most fun-filled events on our calendar and start getting your ride ready! Oh, and if you need that special sparkle, hit up our mates at Partners in Grime. They’ll offer a 25% discount on all detailing services for our entrants, and we can vouch for their impeccable work – just wait ‘til you see our Tiffany TT Quattro sitting on show inside the pavilion! For now, let’s reminisce on some of the images from our past events… Enjoy! GALLERY