Official Final List of DON'T GO TO THE REUNION Blu-Ray Special Features | Slasher Studios
Earlier this week we announced our exclusive limited edition Don’t Go to the Reunion release and now Slasher Studios is proud to unveil our official final list of killer special features. This release will ONLY be available through Slasher Studios and each bluray will be hand numbered out of 200. Once these 200 are sold out, they will never be printed again. Make sure to preorder yours today as they will begin shipping on November 1st. Each one is region free and we will be shipping worldwide for slasher fans all over the world. Our final list of blu-ray special features: * Audio commentary * Premiere interview with the filmmakers * Premiere interviews with the cast/crew * All three Slasher Studios short films in HD * Audio feature: A look back at the making of Don’t Go to the Reunion with cast/crew * Never before seen behind-the-scenes photo gallery * A Tribute to 80’s Slashers (Don’t Go to the Reunion video review) * Don’t Go to the Reunion teaser * Don’t Go to the Reunion trailer * Don’t Go to the Reunion Grindhouse style TV spot * Dismembering Christmas trailer Don’t Go to the Reunion Blu-Ray $20.00 USDBlu-Ray + Poster $25.00 USDBlu-Ray + Poster + DVD $35.00 USD