Horror Anthology "Hole in the Wall" Now Available on DVD | Slasher Studios
Slasher Studios was proud to be a part of this awesome horror anthology. Filmmakers from around Wisconsin were asked to create this loving nod to grindhouse and exploitation, John Waters style. We hope you have a sick, twisted, and most importantly, fun time with it! DESCRIPTION: 7 nightmarish films from the people that brought you SWAMPHEAD, INCEST DEATH SQUAD, THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH THE DEAD, FLESH EATING FOG, and DON’T GO TO THE REUNION. A brute shows a local boy hell through his haunted ax, the streets of Madison are stalked by a deranged sexual psychopath, Ed Gein is resurrected as a dentist with a penchant for extraction, the flipside of the American family screams itself to life, and an elicit drug transforms a singer into the angel of death!!! Directed by: Derrick Carey – Rabid Child FIlms Cory J Udler – Shalenn Productions Greg Johnson – Two Horned Unicorn Rob Michels / Carolyn Baker – Screaming like Banshees Steve Goltz / Kevin Sommerfield – Slasher Studios INCLUDED ON DVD: – 80 minute Uncut version of film – 30 minute Behind the scenes featurette – 2 audio commentaries with the directors – trailer – Splatreel Hole in the Wall DVD $15.00 USD