Horror Movie Poster Fridays: "Suspiria" (1977) | Slasher Studios
Last week on Horror Movie Poster Fridays, I shared my favorite posters for Tobe Hooper’s classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This time, I’m sharing the gorgeous pieces of art for Dario Argento’s immortal Suspiria. With a TV series reportedly in the works, I’m glad one of my favorite horror films of all time is still living on today. A remake by David Gordon Green was set to happen in 2013 but was postponed indefinitely due to budgetary restraints and legal issues. As Argento is my favorite director, I think it’s time that I dedicate a segment to one of his best films. View post on Art credit: Andrea Kalfas View post on Art credit: Austin Hinderliter View post on Art credit: Deus Art Machina View post on Art credit: Jay Shaw View post on Art credit: We Buy Your Kids Whether it’s a TV series, remake, or the original classic, Suspiria will live on with horror fans forever and is far from being forgotten. Check back next Friday for an all new Horror Movie Poster Fridays. –Noah Nicholas Nelson