"Dismembering Christmas" Poster Contest: YOU Pick the Winner! | Slasher Studios
Here’s the drill, horror friends! We are starting the contest early to pick the new Dismembering Christmas artwork to be used in the official release of the film. Check out the 26 posters through the link below. We need your help in picking THREE posters to be used in the DVD, Blu-Ray, and VHS releases of the film. Simply comment DVD for your DVD choice, Blu-Ray for your Blu-Ray poster pick, and VHS for your VHS poster pick. Each one counts as a vote. Sharing the posters you want to win counts as another vote as well. The top 10 will be announced on November 20th as we start round two of the contest. Any questions? Let’s do this! To Vote: “Dismembering Christmas” Poster Contest: YOU Pick the Winner!