Slasher Studios Podcast: Horror Movie Challenge | Slasher Studios
In October, Slasher Studios will be featuring a horror movie each day. Play along at the Slasher Studios Horror Film Club. We will be discussing one week at a time on Slasher Studios Podcast. Show starts at 10PM central. To listen in live: Slasher Studios Podcast: Horror Movie Challenge. Day 1: A memorable animal in horror Day 2: Childhood horror Day 3: A favorite saw scene Day 4: A great horror doctor Day 5: Favorite horror director Day 6: Your fav movie by your fav director Day 7: A great hero Day 8: Best comedy-horror Day 9: A boring horror Day 10: Favorite classic horror Day 11: Most psychotic killer Day 12: The goriest movie Day 13: Favorite foreign horror Day 14: The cheesiest horror Day 15: Great 80’s horror Day 16: Great indie horror Day 17: Fav horror franchise Day 18: A movie people hate that you love Day 19: A movie that disappointed you Day 20: A great twist Day 21: A lame twist Day 22: Best movie based on a book Day 23: Scariest old person Day 24: A movie you expected to be bad, but enjoyed