Tim's Slasher Tweet Reviews: "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter" (1984) | Slasher Studios
One more tweet by tweet review as Tim Schilling dives deeper into the Friday the 13th series, this time reviewing Friday the 13th-The Final Chapter. Many fans feel this is one of the best, if not the best sequel in the series. Let’s find out what Tim thinks.. Thoughts before the film: I have a feeling this series streak can’t last too long. Already a quarter way through them! #FridayThe13thTheFinalChapter Thoughts while watching: 0:01 Whoa! It’s starting off with a flashback! 0:03 Well the awesome title sequence didn’t last too long in this series. 0:10 But Jason got an axe in his head the last movie. How is he still alive? 0:12 Holy Jesus Christmas shit! 0:14 I liked the hospital setting. They should have stayed there longer than they did. 0:19 Who made a stone and buried Mrs. Voorhees? 0:24 Tommy, what kind of freak out was that? 0:31 Pretend dying is so old. 0:33 Is this guy a Jason hunter or something? 0:40 Everyone is so weird in this one. 0:47 What a way to die. 0:49 The cabin these people are staying like looks eerily similar to the Psycho home. 0:51 When isn’t is raining? 1:02 Random super powers activate! 1:18 Jason’s favorite past time is throwing things, people, and himself through windows. 1:24 Someone should just cut Jason’s hands off and none of this would happen. 1:26 Tommy with his head shaven is more scary looking than Jason without his mask. Overall: While #FridayThe13thTheFinalChapter was still fun to watch, the story is getting a little redundant. I liked the ending, however, but since there’s like 8 more movies left in the series, it kind of ruins it. To follow Tim on twitter: To follow Slasher Studios on twitter: