Tim's Horror Tweet Reviews: "Deadly Species" (2002) | Slasher Studios
A few days again I mentioned how we felt deeply sorry for Tim Schilling. FOUR, count em FOUR, one Teddyhead movies in a row with no end in sight. Today we have a review from the last movie from the dreaded Walmart 8 pack from hell entitled Deadly Species. It can’t be as bad as the rest..can it? Thoughts before the film: Should I be like everyone else and watch Friday the 13th or something different? And that something different is called Deadly Species, the last movie on that 8 DVD pack I’ve been struggling to finish. Thank god this is the last movie in the 8 pack. I can’t handle anymore bad movies. Thoughts while watching: 0:03 Someone who digs for fossils would not have painted fingernails. Just no. 0:10 I bet these people are making up words, what the heck is a colusfakada? I don’t even know what they’re saying. 0:15 But why is there a piece of grass going across the lens. 0:24 You’re kidding me right? You were tying your shoe, you were standing ON the bag and you didn’t see it!? 0:29 Haha the name of the generator was Generac… Good old greeking. 0:34 I wish I could find the gates to hell next time I went digging for fossils. 0:37 There aren’t enough tweets in the world to explain just how wrong this movie is. 0:39 Woo 40 minutes in and we finally see the monster creature alien thing! 0:55 It’s always a good idea to shoot into the dark when you can’t even see the target. 0:57 Oh what’s wrong, you’re bored of staring at the computer screen? Don’t talk to me about being bored. 0:58 This just turned into a really bad porno. 1:03 They said the name! I didn’t think the movie would be corny enough to do but it did. 1:09 I like puppets better than CGI, at least this looks corny in the good way. 1:19 Drinking some water stopped this guy from turning into a monster. A lot of thought was put through this. Final Verdict: I’m probably one of like 5 people to actually watch ‚Ä™#DeadlySpecies‚Ĩ, and I know why. I don’t think I have to explain myself. To follow Tim on twitter: To follow Slasher Studios on twitter: