Tim's Slasher Tweet Review: "The Hamiltons" (2006) | Slasher Studios
Our resident twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is back with a brand new horror review for us. Today, Tim is taking a stab at the grossly underrated After Dark Horror Fest selection “The Hamiltons.” I’ve loved this little gem of a horror movie since it was first released. Does Tim feel the same way? Let’s dig in and find out! Thoughts before the film: I didn’t care for #TheHamiltons the first time I watched it,but everyone else seems to think it’s one of the best from After Dark Horrorfest. Sooo maybe I’ll give it another chance! Thoughts while watching: 0:10 Stupid blonde… It’s raining out, there wouldn’t be any stars. 0:16 “what do you call it?” “Death.” 0:16 What are the chances that all of these events would happen, and the baby doll would actually end up in Hollywood? 0:20 This is what I didn’t like about this movie before, it’s so random. Who was that old guy at dinner? 0:32 It’s awkward to watch the oldest brother talk to anyone. 0:36 Oh shit, she did triple dare in dare or double dare. We got a bad bitch. 0:37 Incest incest incest! 0:44 I wanna know what Lenny is! 0:57 She sucks on her bloody finger and thinks nothing of it? 0:58 Even if they didn’t have Lenny locked downstairs and those people chained, this family would be fucked up. 0:59 Unless they’re vampires… 1:03 These twins man. They’re freaking me out. 1:14 Lenny, I wanna know what you are and what you look like. 1:17 ~*spoilerZ*~ They are vampires! That makes more sense now. 1:22 Lenny is just a kid! I wanted to see a monster thing. But his little room was way too creepy. Overall: I really like the story behind #TheHamiltons, but I don’t think the movie played it out well. It was confusing and very random at parts. Even though I don’t think the plot was made well for the movie, I thought the film itself was made very good. #TheHamiltons To follow Tim on twitter: To follow Slasher Studios on twitter: