Tim's Slasher Tweet Review: "Bride of Chucky" (1998) | Slasher Studios
After a bit of a break from the “Child’s Play” series our twitter reviewer Tim Schilling is back with a review for the slasher comedy sequel “Bride of Chucky.” Tim loved the first three installments giving them 4 Teddy Heads each will this one live up to the rest? Let’s play with Chucky! Thoughts before the film: Finishing up the Child’s Play series, starting with #BrideOfChucky. Only movie in the series I haven’t seen yet. Thoughts while watching: 0:04 I wonder how the car got in the building… 0:07 What. Katherine Heigl is in this. What. 0:10 Voodoo for dummies, why do I think that’s an actual book? 0:11 Sick lip… chain dude. 0:21 At least Chucky is honest when you ask him something. 0:30 Too much Chucky in this one. Less Chucky = better. 0:41 What would Martha Stewart do? 0:45 It’s just weed shut up. 1:08 I see what you did there Chucky! “It’ll take 3 or 4 sequels.” 1:11 Martha Stewart is a reccurring theme in this movie. 1:19 When Chucky and Tiffany kiss, it just weirds me out. 1:22 The world at this point should believe that Chucky actually was the killer and everything. 1:24 She just gave birth on that guy’s face, can’t say I’ve seen that before. Overall: Besides losing Andy & the campy feel, #BrideOfChucky is another great entry in the series. It kept continuity & didnt jump the shark anytime. To follow Tim on twitter: To follow Slasher Studios on twitter: