Tim's Slasher Tweet Review: "Severed" (2002) | Slasher Studios
Four brand new tweet by tweet reviews in one week? If anyone can to it, it’s our guest twitter reviewer Tim Schilling! As you may know, we are just started a new feature here at Slasher Studios: tweet-by-tweet reviews. The idea behind the concept: We take a movie and give you a running commentary through twitter. After the film is done, we will post the review over here at Slasher Studios. Tonight we take a look at the ultra low budget “Severed.” Is it a diamond in the rough or is there a reason why it is forgotten. Let’s dig in! Synopsis: A ritualistic serial killer is beheading victims all over a city, and those surrounding the case are pulled into his world as they try and stop him. Thoughts before the film: 2/3 good movies outta this $5 walmart 8 pack so far, make it 3/4 good ones! Thoughts while watching: 0:01 I think this movie was filmed on a cell phone camera… 0:04 In a parking lot alone with nothing around, you don’t see or hear someone walking up to you? 0:07 That’s the second time they had the sound effect of a car turning on…The car was already on. 0:09 “he pulled a dumbo.” What does that mean? 0:13 Somehow there were like two opening scenes. Is that possible? Opening credits just now. 0:14 The music isn’t really horror film music, more mystery. 0:22 Completely changing plots 20 minutes in is cool I guess. 0:24 I can’t seeeeee, lighting is a good thing when you’re not trying to be in the dark 0:43 “Then it started every couple of days. If you do the math, that’s one body a day.” Even I’m better at math than that. 0:48 This movie has the worst lighting I have ever seen. 0:55 I’m not gonna make it through the whole movie… 1:01 Oh god that guy’s face was actually terrifying. 1:03 They literally have been running down the road and doing nothing else for the last two minutes. 1:20 One of the few things this movie has got going is that the killer is actually really creepy looking. 1:21 And this movie over uses the color red unlike the other movies in this 8 pack who rape the color blue… Overall: #Severed was more of a crime film than anything. Beyond terrible lighting and editing, but I did like the voodoo idea with the killer. To follow Tim on twitter: To follow Slasher Studios on twitter: