VR in 2018, Near Death Experiences & The Sandlot Celebrates 25 Years! | Episode 77 #theSKYLERIRVINEshow - Skyler Irvine
Skyler Irvine is Joined by TJ Kenger and Brandon Burchard Listen Now: Subscribe on iTunes: Watch Now: Skyler is out of the hospital and back in his podcast chair! -Part one of this episode features Skyler and RenzlerMedia’s Brandon Burchard discussing near death experiences and why its so hard to get healthy while in the hospital. Then Skyler is joined by RenzlerMedia’s TJ Kenger to discuss the current state of consumer VR and the exciting future ahead. We conclude with an the latest episode of RenzlerREWIND, hosted by Skyler Irvine, where we take a look back on the best (and worst) movies that are worth at least a 2nd watch, as The Sandlot celebrates its 25 year anniversary!