Founder of AZ Biz Link and the Ultimate Business Connector, Lindsay Moellenberndt | The SKYLER IRVINE Show #110 - Skyler Irvine
🔷 Welcome to The Skyler Irvine Show episode #110! Today Skyler is talking to Lindsay Moellenberndt the Founder and Executive Event Producer of AZ Biz Link. 🔶 📺 Watch Now: 🎶 Listen Now: In This Episode: The mission behind AZ Biz Link is to inspire and empower company leaders to continuously improve operations by challenging the status quo. They offer 2 events biweekly that helps businesses in the area question conventional wisdom and challenge the status quo. – What is AZ Biz Link? – What kind of events does AZ Biz Link put on? – How did AZ Biz Link get started? – What tools does Lindsay use to connect people? – How strategic is Lindsay when putting on events? – Gaining value from AZ Biz Link – What is ultimate success? – What is Lindsay’s advice for someone who is trying to build a community but doesn’t have the resources? – Why you should value being able to take a break – Apps that have made Lindsay’s planning easier Connect With Us: AZ Biz Link: https://www.azbizlink.com Instagram, @azbizlink Lindsay:… Instagram, @dtk_mint9g…… Skyler Irvine https://www.skylerirvine.com Instagram, @skylerirvine