Athletes with the Best Brands, Spotify Buys Podcasts, and Why Google+ Failed | #AskSkylerLive 53 - Skyler Irvine
🔷 It’s that time again! The newest episode of #AskSkylerLive is here and Skyler is joined with Hoff to answer your audience submitted questions If it is your first time here, welcome! Here is what you need to know: #AskSkylerLive is the show where you ask three questions, and I answer them, LIVE on Facebook. 📺 Watch Now 📺 🎶 Listen Now 🎶 In This Episode: 5:18 – What athletes have the best personal brand? 10:30 – Thoughts on Spotify purchasing podcast studios? 12:50 – Why did Google+ fail? Connect With Us: Subscribe on iTunes: Submit your questions to Instagram: @SkylerIrvine Facebook: Twitter: