Deliver us from whingeing atheist-bashers
I find few things more boring than hearing atheists endlessly whingeing about religion but one of them is journalists whingeing about atheists. Madeleine Bunting in today's Guardian is a case in point. And Bunting doesn't just whinge, she has constructed from her fevered imagination a whole scenario in which the "country's finest minds" are trying hard to have interesting and meaningful discussions about religions but are being "drowned out" by the "foghorn volume" of the so-called New Atheists. This might be believable if it weren't for the fact that in her short column, MB quotes no fewer than six (debatably) fine minds who seem to be having the kind of (arguably) worthwhile discussions about religion that Bunting claims are being drowned out. What's more, they are having them publicly. In fact, Bunting herself points us in the direction of A N Wilson's piece in the New Statesman — a piece Bunting describes as 'thoughtful' but which can pretty much be summed up thus: I'm afraid of