What to turn into… | Simply Sarah
What to turn into when the sun goes down on Halloween is a rather tough decision. We are flooding with ideas and suggestions it's hard to narrow it down. This is the stage I'm at right now. If you read my last post you will know I'm hosting a post Halloween party. To become the hostess with the mostest I need to take part and dress up. I posted a few Halloween makeup tutorials already. Which are you faves? Cleopatra, an easily done makeup and hair look. My struggle with this is finding a costume for the rest I me....on a budget of $0.00 Angel/Devil. I could be one or the other and a costume can be easily made with craft supplies I currently have I have I soft spot for this comic book inspired look. I can easily draw lines on old tee shirts and pants to give my outfit a "drawn" look. The Sugar Skull. The most time consuming of them all but looks so cool! Flowers in hair and