Ways to make your hair last days! | Simply Sarah
We all know its not good to wash your hair everyday so what are we supposed to do with limp hair when day 2 or 3 roll around?? I usually have 2-3 day cycles of washing my hair. My hair is pretty wavy naturally and the ends get really dry and frizzy. By not washing my hair everyday really helps bring the natural oils to the ends. The ends feel great on day 3 but the roots on the other hand are not looking the greatest. For years Ive usually done day 1 being down, day 2 being half up and day 3 all the way up. Ive put together a video on some options to get you through the 3 day hair cycle. They are easy and fun!! I was excited to have some extra time Monday morning and evening to do some Taylor Swift inspired waves and film a tutorial. The first video is all about that. The next one is where the goodies are. I have done a super cute half updo with some cute pink flowers on day 2 and a cute braided hairstyle on day3. I had fun filming this...even though it was at 6 in the morning and