Waterproofing your DIY photo coasters | Simply Sarah
I made these super awesome photo coasters last week from my Instagram photos as well and some random ones I found online. In case you missed it here is the link (DIY photo coasters) When I made these I could not find clear waterproof spray paint. In lieu of showing how to waterproof these coasters in the video I just put a notice in the description box. Sure enough, the very next day after upload I found clear spray paint! I couldn't believe it! There it was staring back at me from BOTTOM shelf. I'm 6 feet tall And had to get on my knees to retrieve this rare gem of spray paint. They had no clear waterproof which is best so I settled for the second best in just clear. Now that I had it all I did was spray 2 coats OUTSIDE in a well ventilated area. Let them dry for 24 hours regardless if the can says dry in 10 min. Voila! Waterproof coasters