VLOGMAS Day 1 | Throwing Up Christmas | Simply Sarah
December 1st is here and we have one more month left of the year. Last year I took part in vlogmas where I (tried) to upload to my youtube channel everyday from the 1st to 24th of December. I did ok but I didn't make it all the way. This year Im more determined to bring you a daily vlog or upload. The first day of December my house turns into a festive holiday fun House. I love the sparkle of the lights, the whimsy in the decorations and the happiness in all. I've always been in an apartment and never allowed a real Christmas tree. I've had this fake one that's about five feet and very sparse. The garland I usually buy to fill it out started to unravel last Christmas so I had give it to the G-man. This year Wal-Mart had the wire one's 3 for $6.00. They were nine feet each so I bought three. They worked perfectly. They are a little sparse and I wouldn't suggest it for a garland on a banister or fireplace but they were perfect for filling out my Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The other