Taylor Swift Inspired Hair Routine + Bad Salon experience | Simply Sarah
For my birthday I decided to treat myself for a haircut. I originally went to this new place by my house. Price was good and it was so convenient for me so I went in. I'm a trained hairdresser and have not had the 'real' salon experience in over 7 years. Going in I decided not to share this detail about myself in case it made her nervous. I ALWAYS wash my hair twice and I've always washed my clients fair twice. She only washed it once and never lifted my head to get all the hair at the base of my head. I could feel my hair was not sufficiently washed. I should have said something but I did not because I'm a scared-y pants. Anyway, this hair cut was not Off to a good start and the horribleness did not end there. My cut was choppy and not blended at all! she blow-dried the cut super nice so I didn't notice at first. My hair was so greasy that I had to go home and wash it again and restyle it. This time I used a flat iron. As I was flat ironing I noticed the chucks and 'steps' in my