R&R on the coast | Simply Sarah
The past weekend seems like a distant memory. It's only Tuesday and I find myself yearning for what I didn't have to do on the weekend. Those who know me know I am a workaholic. I love being busy and I like saying "yes", sometimes too much for my own good. I need to get used to the word "no" so I can take time for myself. This weekend was amazing. I was invited to my friends family cottage. Cottage being an extreme understatement. It was like a mansion on the water. I was able to reschedule my weekend to allow me to enjoy the festivities of sitting on my ass with junk food, drinks and the best company ever. Here are some pictures of the beauty of the weekend! Enjoy! the beautiful view of the ocean from the patio loved the onesie! Sunday morning sun can't get enough of the view tide is high Sunday morning roasted marshmallows? Yes please! was able to get some knitting in Like my photos? Check out my Instagram for a daily update. SimplySarah101