Potted Flower Ball | DIY Home Decor | Simply Sarah
A ball covered in purple daisy's! How cheerful :) Ive always loved the cute hanging flower balls that hang in clusters. Living in an apartment that we rent makes it difficult to add extra holes to the walls and ceiling in fear our damage deposit or part of it will be taken if we decide to move. I had this clay pot that used to home a lovely lavender plant from one of my students laying around. I have a brown thumb and I killed the plant which is why I had this one lonely pot. One day, probably in the shower, I had a lightbulb moment! Why not SIT the flower ball in the clay pot. Off to Wal-Mart I went with this flower ball in mind. I went straight to the fake flower isle and there was everything I needed. A Styrofoam ball and $1.00 flower bundles...yes $1.00 for one bundle that had lots of daisy's on it. It was perfect. I guesstimated and lucked out with 6 bundles/bouquets. Here is how I made this pot of purple delight.