New Year, New Blog, New Me | Simply Sarah
Happy New Year! After quite a long pause I'm finally ready to get back to Simply Sarah. Life got a bit crazy there for a while with getting married, having a baby and moving to a different province. The biggest change for me was actually becoming a mom. I didn't expect to loose myself after having Mia. To be honest, I'm still struggling. Processing my new role, our house crumbling around us (literally) and healing from a horrible postpartum complication left me feeling empty & I'm still trying to figure it all out. I thought coming back to Simply Sarah would be a great way to work through some of these things . Im still not sure how itll help but though why not try. Today being the first day of 2019 I thought I'd ride the resolution train to help give me some goals to work on in hopes to help discover what's missing. So here I am starting up on Jan 1st. 2019 Resolutions Reducing my single use plasticsBack in 2012 Matt and I were apart of a documentary