New place New space | Simply Sarah
I moved to a larger two bedroom apartment this week and I'm quite excited at the amount of space we have. The largest of the two bedrooms will be our office and my filming area. I got the ok from my partner Matt to decorate as girly as I wanted. With this permission I'm all giddy about picking paint and decor with my good friend Krystal. I've decided on a champagne gold, mint,white and pink/coral colour scheme. I have a whole board on Pinterest with ideas bursting out the seams. Krystal and I headed to Home Depot and Walmart to grab some paint swatches. Here are my narrowed down list. I love how clean and crisp these colours look. I'm super excited to pick out the colour and start painting on Sunday. For the record here is the before shot of the room Don't forget to come back for more and see the room transition to a beautiful office/filming space.