Makeup Monday | My wedding makeup  | Simply Sarah
I was honoured to marry my best friend on July 31st, 2016... 🙄 blegh too much sap... I'm not very "romantic" and roll my eyes at the ends of Disney princess movies BUT in all seriousness, I did marry someone amazing & it was one of the best days of my life. If you're interested in that whole story CLICK HERE (link to come) Now, let's get to the real reason why you are here... my makeup!! I got my hair done by a hairdresser on my wedding day but I did do my own makeup. I wanted something soft and simple. I already knew most of the colours and shades I was going for but had the most difficult time finding a foundation. I went to Sephora 3x and each time it was a nightmare. I wanted a full coverage foundation to hide my acne scars and redness. I didn't care so much about the texture, if you have acne & scarring you understand, no amount of makeup can smooth it out. The last time I went to Sephora the sales person helping me decided no other foundation would work and would