Morning routine | Simply Sarah
Good morning! It feels great to actually be up on time AND out the door on time. It does not happen too often. It helped I did my morning prep last night. Dating a coffee guru I have to follow the rules to brew the best coffee. We have a burr grinder so we can brew fresh grounds. We also have a scale... Yes... A scale. He calibrates weight of grounds for amount of water and for brewing contraption. I don't get it so I just follow along. Last night I cheated and ground my coffee, 17g to be exact. I put it on the counter all ready for our aero press so I only had to add water this morning. With the absence of a nut milk of some kind I decided to have my two ingredient pancake, blender cleaned and ready on the counter and pan ready on the stove. Already I was 8 hours ahead of schedule so I decided to make lunch. I grew up loving cucumber sandwiches and saw these cute cucumber sandwiches sans the bread on Pinterest. I decided to make my own. How cute are they! So easy and healthy. Check