McAwesomes Wedding- Save the Dates | Simply Sarah
I'm so excited for the McAwesomes wedding in July! It's coming up so fast and I can't believe I'm the bride!!!!!! Matt and I have decided to DIY a lot of our wedding. Our stationary being one of them. It took forever but we ended up finding the perfect set of flowers and some fonts to use. We designed them and were surprised that we actually made them look so cute. Our original plan was to print them at home. We have a photo printer and bought cardstock. The postcards printed out just fine but the businesses cards were a headache and a half. It took 7 sheets of business cards before we gave up and thew in the white towel. We loved the idea of having the business card magnet for people to use on their fridge and didn't want to give up on the idea altogether so we went to visaprint. Oh god how I love them. We got some sheets printed and they arrived to us within a week. We went to staples and got some pre cut pre adhesived business card magnets. Then the fun began, we stuck