Just Peachy! | Simply Sarah
Summer! I love summer. The heat, the sun, the colours...I love it all. Sitting in the park behind our apartment one day I was thinking of what videos I should do over the summer. All I could think of was the usual makeup looks or DIY projects but I wanted to put together a cohesive collection so to speak. As I'm eating my freshly cut homemade fruit salad it dawned on me...Fruit Salad!! AH! My summer series will be inspired by fruit salad! At this point thoughts and ideas came rushing to me. I decided to narrow it down to my favorite fruits. (just) Peachy, Strawberry (fields), Grape (gorgeous), and to throw a spin-Pink Lemonade. Ive already filmed and uploaded my Just Peachy portion of my fruit salad summer series. It was fun coming up with different looks and tutorials inspired by peaches. My first video was DIY Kool-Aid lip gloss. I had seen this on pinterest a number of times and thought the idea was so cool. unfortunately I could not find peach kool-aid brand so I used the generic