How to save money on groceries | Simply Sarah
Since Mia was born we decided that I would be a stay at home mom for a year or two. My job is contract work so I didn't get maternity leave so we were a single income family of three. Moving provinces was also not cheap so we have had to be extra frugal. Grocery shopping can be overwhelming with kids and since we started feeding Mia solids it took some trial and error to find something that worked for us. Like I always say, there's a million right way to do things but here I'll show you what worked for our family. 1) Meal plan. We found that a strict meal plan didn't really work for our schedule but also that meal planning was essential. We found that just choosing two recipes for the week and eating them whenever worked best. We would look at our pantry first (see tip 2) then check out some recipes. Make sure that the suggested serving size was enough to last for enough meals. Some weeks it was two and some weeks three meal recipes to get us through. If you want to cook less and don't