How to cover ACNE | Simply Sarah
I'm sure many of you are sufferers of the red skin dots blessed to us by genetics, puberty and or hormones in general. I have always had bad skin and to be honest I thought by the time I reached the age I'm at now I'd be in the 'clear' so to speak. This definitely is not the case and let me tell you it sucks so bad! Ive been to doctors and been on many different medications. I found birth control to be the most effective but found it stopped working over time plus I don't really want to be on the pill for too long. In addition It made my period last longer and made it more painful. I am looking into other forms of birth control for the purpose of birth control but I'm trying other things for my skin. ANYWAY... since I have not found anything for my skin I'm stuck with reoccurring acne and scarring. I've tried many different methods to cover it up and at the moment this video sums up how I do it. It is one of my longer videos but I wanted it to be detailed and tried to get a lot of