Holiday Haul |Bath & BodyWorks | Simply Sarah
Holiday fever has hit me...hard. I look forward to the holidays every year and get anxious after halloween for December 1st to start the festive decorations. This year I caved, I was wondering the mall as one would trying to stay on task with blinders on. The sweet smell of amazingness caught my sense of smell trying to lure my sight upward. There it was in the window of Bath & BodyWorks "3 for $33.50" 3 three wick candles for basically the price of one! No way! I couldn't resist. Blinders off and original task forgotten I went in and started to smell EVERYTHING. I smelt all the new holiday scents and reminiscing about the memories made with the scents I got last year. After way too long smelling everything I ended up with these three candles plus an extra 5$ bonus. WINTER This scent was a repurchase from last year. I think this candle should fall into the classic category in their holiday collection. I was so happy to see it again this year. Imagine taking a stroll on a nice