Everyday Essientals | Simply Sarah
I posted a video on my youtube channel for things I feel are useful to have with you everyday. I called it the Everyday Essentials/Emergency Kit. Most females carry purses or a bag of sorts. We seem to be drawn to bigger bags because our current one doesn't seem to fit everything we need. This problem never resolves itself after purchasing a larger bag/purse we always find ways to fill it. I am no exception to this. Within the past two years Ive accumulated so many bags and purses. Since I have so Many I do like to switch between each one. With the issue of having so much crap switching out bags makes it difficult to make sure to bring everything with you. I have come up with the solution to have your everyday essentials/emergency kit in a separate smaller bag that you can take out easily and just transfer between bags. It also keeps everything neat, compact and tidy. It has all your daily needs minus wallet keys and cell phone. you will be prepared for anything at any time and it will