Does your baby HATE the bath? Try this | Simply Sarah
When Mia was a newbie she hated the bath. She would scream so loud for so long every single time! She has the lungs of Mariah Carey and can scream at a higher octave then I've ever heard before. Hearing her screams made me insane so it was quite a stressful time trying to bath her. We tried so many different suggestions and It took two months to find a solution that literally fixed everything...instantly. A swaddle bath. (Video here) Seems crazy right? I was all for it but Matt was a little reluctant. Bathing a baby swaddled in a receiving blanket seemed ridiculous. I didn't really give him a chance to say no so one night we decided to try it. We prepped the bath as usual Then undressed her and swaddled her in a cotton receiving blanket. We were already worried because straight out of the womb she hated being swaddled. The nurses even had trouble keeping her in a swaddle. She cried less not swaddled. Anyway, we Lowered her in the little tub and screams. She was