DIY Reusable baby wipes | Simply Sarah
When I was pregnant with Mia, Matt and I decided to try and reduce our waste as much as possible. We do cloth diapers and wanted to do reusable wipes as well. Over time we've realized it was easier for us to have disposable wipes in the diaper bag for outings but when we're at home we use reusables. They are insanely easy to make and keep at home. We have a special set of cloths set aside for bum wipes and they are not used for any other purpose. Here are the exact products we like the best. These are affiliate links all on Amazon for shopping ease. *We use the Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer to hold our cloths. The warming part is not necessary and we're lazy so we keep it unplugged for easy transport around the house. *If you do use the wipes warmer you'll eventually need replacement pillows. This will help keep your wipes wet. *Our favourite wipes are the Prince Lionheart Warmies. A cotton flannel or soft baby terry cloth would do the trick as well. *Since we're here, this is a