DIY Dry Shampoo | Simply Sarah
Dry Shampoo has been coming out of the woodwork recently. As a hairstylist I would always hear of such a product but never have actually tried it because it was so hard to find. The closest I got to this sort of thing was the KMS Makeover Spray which was pretty darn awesome. I did not consider this a dry shampoo but I guess it did everything a dry shampoo did so it could have been in that category. A few years later, versions of dry shampoo started to pop up in aerosol spray containers. I am not too keen on spending lots of money on aerosols although I'm no saint, 1 bottle of hairspray is sitting in my drawer as we speak. I like to limit my garbage or come up with different solutions for all these types of things so I started my search for dry shampoo on google. There were lots of options to try out, corn starch and baby powder being among the most popular. I decided to give it a try. Oh boy! Was that ever a bad idea! I have brown hair, I looked like I had grey hair and had 1 inch of