DIY Cleaning Products | Kid & Environmentally Safe | Simply Sarah
As I mentioned in the post last week Matt and I did 2012 without plastic. Ever since we've been making our own cleaning recipes. This became more important in our eyes when I was pregnant as well as after Mia was born. I was always so worried about using chemicals on the floor where she would be crawling about or accidentally ingesting them. Now, I realize even home made cleaning ingredients should also not be ingested but they are much safer. I have to say it, keep these away from children. We store most of these in spray bottles. They are plastic but being on one income we couldn't justify the cost of the aluminum one. Hopefully we'll be able to upgrade soon. Without too much of an intro I just want to get straight to it. Here are our four favourite cleaning products. Glass cleaner 1c water 1c rubbing alcohol 1Tbs white vinegar Method: Mix in spray bottle. Use with a lint free cloth. Depending on cloth you may need to use another one that's dry to dry off the glass/mirror. *You can