Tuesday's Tresses | Curling short hair  | Simply Sarah
Over the past year, I have been growing my hair out for my wedding, while getting it trimmed every few months to avoid crispy ends. I was successful and was able to get it pulled up into a beautiful updo. Here are some shameless selfies to show you what it looked like. The only picture of the back of my head is this gorgeous kiss where I'm lifting my hubby... because I've got mad skills! 💪🏻 The wedding came as went, and I found I was over the longer length. I felt it dragged me down and I really wanted a change. I gave my good friend a call and she was able to fit me in to give me the ol' chop ✂️. I cut quite a few inches off and it felt great. Two months later, I still love it and even think I may want to go shorter. After cutting my hair, it took a few days to really get to know it and get a feel for what it wanted to do. After some trial and error, I finally found something I liked. For this months Tuesday's Tresses video, I bring you my short hair